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Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is coverage that some employers offer to their new employees inside of a benefits package that’s full of various helpful products and services. It covers the employee if he or she ever experiences an illness or condition that prevents him or her from being able to perform job duties. Disability covers a broad range of conditions, and it can cover the person for some months.

Employees can adopt the coverage when they get hired, and their benefits may start right away. Sometimes the benefits may not start until the employee works for 60 or 90 days. Each company is different in what it offers its workers.

Disability benefits can cover a physical illness or injury such as a broken bone or a burn. It can also cover severe medical conditions such as diabetes or heart issues. The way it works is very simple. The employer takes the monthly premium from the employee’s check and that goes toward the coverage. If the employee experiences an injury or illness, he or she will have to file a claim with the insurance company. The person must turn in doctor’s notes to support the illness claim. The doctor’s paperwork should state the diagnosis of the condition as well as the treatment plan for the condition and the employee’s expected return date. The employee will have to see the medical specialist for permission to return to work when the time is right, as well.

The insurance company will then review the paperwork and decide whether the claim is payable or not. If all the paperwork is filled out correctly, and the person has an illness that is indeed covered by the plan, then everything should be just fine for the employee. If not, then the insurance company may request additional information.

Disability benefits generally pay out a certain percentage of the employee’s wages until that person is able to return to work and perform the normal duties of the job. The employee just has to notify the company of when he returns to work, and the company will take care of the benefits.